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May 2000

latest** Biz

I've re-organised the badger section and added biographies and a new badger, expect to see it updated on a more regular basis as well.Click HERE

All Mixed Up
There's a new page in the "Tunes" section to keep you up to date on the Gecko Re-mix project, more details and audio to follow. Go HERE

Best of the Best
There are numerous conflicting rumors as to exactly why, but whatever the reason, Gecko are re-recording their three tracks for the "Best of  Belfast 2", the lads recently attended a photo shoot for the CD and with any luck we'll have some of the pictures for the site.
Best of Belfast 1 featuring flumox, chancer and others is available in HMV for 3.99

My Giddy Aunt
3 tracks recorded live at Auntie Annies on April 5th are to appear on the next "Best of Belfast CD" presumably titled "Best of Belfast 2". It will feature (amongst others) NineBar and Fat Bhudda. More details on exactly what tracks will be used and release dates when we get them.
You may still find the First "Best of Belfast" CD in shops (i saw it in Virgin the other day), it's less than a fiver and features Chancer and some other great bands, go buy it!

We've just added a downloads section to the site, it's a bit empty at the moment, but it does include a Gecko Screensaver. Click HERE to check it out

Its E-Z!
Due to immense dissatisfaction with Guestbook.Com, we have now obtained a much more versatile EZBord, post your rants HERE

A LIVE! video AGAIN!!
Here is  the Gecko Live video, there are 3 versions of it now, so one of them should be watchable (CLICK)

In da Mix
Expect Remixes from DjT, Batgranny, Spacedog, Neil Megahey, Jasper, The Gallagher Brothers and SOLARIS, soon.

Here's a short Video of Gecko performing live in Morrisons bar, Watch it NOW

Any Chance?
Here's a review of a Chancer gig as printed in "the big list",the reason we have it here, is that it uses almost as much column space talking about the support act (Gecko in case you hadn't guessed) as it does on the "headliners". Click Here

Look, over there, its a NEW badger with.....
A new and exciting badger for you crazy kids out there!

Milk, No Sugar
The World* Famous DJ Tea  has just completed two remixes of Gecko's "Just Can't Sleep At Night", one of wich features vocals by Rachel Edwards, expect more details and RealAudio tracks SOON!
Also expect a mix of "Tickets and Information" from the mysterious Batgranny

Soft and Wet
Sadly the release of the demo EP has been slightly delayed until Gecko finish recording "Soft and Wet" for the "Promo Single". They thought about doing a "Porno single" but we decided that nobody wanted to see Brendy's Arse

Big Jobs
Gecko have just completed recording "Rush Job", the fabulous fourth track for their demo CD "My Friend Frank". For more details click HERE

Evening All
Our thanks to The Evening Session in Northern Ireland (8pm Thursday BBC Radio 1) for the mention, it's our favouritist radio programme in the whole world, no really.

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DJ Badger
What the Funk?
The Gecko remix project

Neil Douglas
Our Man In London


The Video
IT'S A LIVE! video
Gecko live at
Morissons More...

Emma C's Animal World
Learn all about various wild and exotic animals More.

Emma E's Fabulous Fashion

Stevo and Brendy at The Empire
In a Blue Funk
Live at The Empire Music Hall

*That is "The Mariners World" pub in Larne

**Relatively speaking of course