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Gecko Family Tree

Here are a selection of local artists and bands who have recorded at Arora Sound Studios, or played with members of Gecko. Many of whom can be contacted via Chris or Aidan at:

{1} Warren Booth  - Guitar {2} Chris McAllister - Guitar/Vocals {3} Finbar Rosato - Vocals
{4} Aidan Megahey -Bass {5} Michael White - Guitar {6} Colm O'Hanlon - Drums {7} Cheryl McCann - Backing Vocals {8} Alex McElvoy - Backing Vocals
Formed in Hazelwood college in the early 90's, Celebration was a typical school band, with a new line-up almost every week and not being able to get any gigs outside of the assembly hall. Playing mainly covers, they once spent a month trying to learn "Warpigs"
What Happened Next
now plays with a heavy metal band in shopping centres {2} formed JayStrip
{3} Turned his back on music, has held a number of exhibitions of his own paintings in Northern Ireland and Sweden {4} Formed JayStrip {5}Went solo, a regular player at sessions in Belfast and Dublin
{6} Formed JayStrip {7} Formed JayStip {8} Left the music business, now an interior designer

JayStrip / ArorA
{1} Cheryl McCann - Vocals {2} Chris McAllister - Guitar {3} Steven Cunningham - Guitar {4} Aidan Megahey - Bass {5} Colm O'Hanlon - Percussion
When Celebration found a singer who could actually hold a note the line-up settled down and they changed the name from crap to just plain silly, they also began writing their own material. After playing a few gigs and recording "Does Godzilla Have Nards?" they took a brief hiatus and came back with a decent name and extra guitarist Steven Cunningham. They played a few more gigs and recorded "Welcome to the old world", then they split up. For more details see ArorA. See also Deep Sound Channel
What Happened Next
left the music business and went to Florida {2} Compiled an album of solo material, now manages Hup and Gecko {3} Formed "The Stevens" {4} Joined Another Friday {5} Went to Nottingham, plays drums for a band and is recording a solo EP

Deep Sound Channel
James Horsythe - Keyboards {2} Chris McAllister - Guitar / Vocals {3} Steven Cunningham - Guitar {4} Aidan Megahey - Bass {5} Colm O'Hanlon - Percussion
Almost exclusively instrumental, this band played only within Bangor Music College at the same time as ArorA were playing the Belfast circuit, D.S.C. by day ArorA by night. Wrote some fine tunes . Split up when term ended.
What Happened Next
Completing post-graduate course at Bangor music college {2}, {3}, {4} ,{5} See above

Another Friday
{1} Paul Monaghan - Guitar / Vocals {2} Aidan Megahey - Bass {3}John Baxter - Guitar / Backing Vocals {4} Rachel Edwards - Backing Vocals {5} Johnny Ashmore - Drums
Another Friday were a fledgling yet promising indie band.   After a number of gigs around Belfast they split up due to severe musical differences
What Happened Next
Joined Circa, currently gigging {2} Formed Hup and Gecko {3} Went solo, recently played his first gig in Katy Daly's {4} Went Solo {5} Current whereabouts unknown

StevoThe Stevens
{1} Stevo Cunningham - Lead Guitar/Vocals {2} Steve Cunningham - Rhythm Guitar {3} Stevie Cunningham - Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals {4} Steven Cunningham - Percussion
after many long discussions over who would be the drummer The Stevens had finally got their act together, But sadly they split up after their first gig, citing 'Irreconcilable differences'. For more details see :STEVO
What Happened Next
Formed Gecko {2} Went solo, supported Genesis on their last tour {3} Left the music business, now running for lord mayor of London {4} Died in a nasty "Accident"

Little Lord Fondelroy and The Scary Beasties
{1} Chris McAllister - Guitar {2} Stevo Cunningham - Guitar {3} Brendan O'Kelly - Guitar/Vocals {4} Aidan Megahey - Bass {5} Emma Edwards - Vocals {6} Rachel Edwards - Vocals {7} Colm O'Hanlon - Percussion {8} DJ Badger - Turntables Ci Barone
This group formed for a one off gig on new years eve 1998. unfortunately the sheer mass of pure talent / ego in the band caused it to collapse in on itself like a dying star and erupt into a super-nova of vodka, cheap cider and bad drugs. All that now remains is a fuzzy tape recording and some vague, best-forgotten memories.
What Happened Next
Now manages Hup and Gecko {2}Formed Gecko {3} Formed Gecko {4} Formed Gecko {5} Made a full recovery {6} Now performs as part of a trio {7} Returned to Nottingham {8} Denies everything

Gecko For Full Details See The Gecko Page

Hup!Hup: For Full Details See The Hup Page

Kieran Sloane: With his ear for the classics and an eyeHey You Fella! get that pointer outta my face for the ladies Kieran has been singing for years in his spare time and is just waiting for his multi-million dollar record contract to show up (its in the post). He has recorded an album of songs produced by Aidan Megahey. Aidan also re-mixed some of the tracks, the dance version of the Spandau Ballet hit "Gold" is of particular note.

Good Golly GoshDJ Badger: Named after a character in a fairy tale which his Cuban mother frequently told him. This inventive musician experiments with his own brand of mambo but prefers compiling albums, bringing together artists as diverse as The Prodigy, Louis Jordan and T-Rex. He is currently recording an album with the helpRachel of Chris McAllister

Rachel Edwards: This local singer began her recording career with her school choir and Mary Lambkin but soon began writing solo material. A talented instrumentalist, Rachel plays piano on many of her own tracks. She currently performs as part of a trio and recently sang vocals on a number of tracks on Aidan Megahey's solo project. The trio is available for weddings and other events.

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